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Let the seasonal winds of change blow
by Larry Wilson
Oct 12, 2010 | 753 views | 0 0 comments | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Walter Van Tilburg Clark wrote the book “The City of Trembling Leaves” about Reno. As I look around our area I see an ocean of trembling leaves changing colors and about to be dropped in the many gutters of our cities. It’s almost as if this is nature’s way of cleansing our society of superfluous extras in an effort to ready us for the coming chill of winter.

It appears also as if our society is preparing to further cleanse itself of supposedly excess baggage when it comes to Election Day on Nov. 2. Or so political pundits would have us believe. The only war cry I haven’t heard yet is, “Throw the bums out!” I feel that if we do throw the bums out, we’ll be picking up more unwanted debris like so many fallen leaves in the gutter of society.

I think the operative phrase should be: Be careful what you wish for. We’ve got a very serious problem with our economy — evidence the constant closing of businesses in our area as they become more debris in our society’s gutter.

I think if we’re going to clean house and correct our social ills by doing so there are some things that should be maintained at all costs. Education is one of the necessities we should preserve, especially the institutions of higher learning such as the University of Nevada, Reno.

UNR has a great football team right now. Although the Wolf Pack won the homecoming game, it was not played at near the standards they are capable of playing. They currently have a 6-0 season, however next year will be another story I’m sure. Many of the stellar players will either be graduating or will have finished their eligibility period. The team will look very different as a result. This would be a great time for Chris “Little General” Ault to leave the program, if his ego will allow it. He’s been such an inspiration to his players. During the televised homecoming game, the Little General was seen delivering a dose of inspiration to one of his players by smacking him in the face mask on the sidelines a la Woody Hayes, the famed Ohio State coach. That action cost Hayes his job.

The Little General’s teams have won more victories under him than any other university level coach has experienced. He could be replaced. He would go out a winner. He could take his pistol offense and fade away into the sunset like so many old dead leaves blowing down a lonesome alley in Reno. The university officials could take part of his $300,000 annual salary to pay for a bronze statue of Old Shorty herding the bronze wolf pack that you see as you enter MacKay Stadium. That would serve to stroke the Little General’s ego for eternity.

The balance could be used forever to augment many more important functions UNR should be emphasizing, such as professors’ salaries and courses in the various colleges that have either had to be eliminated or drastically cut back.

Change is good and so refreshing. We’ll come out of this transition as good as a shiny, new penny.

Yeah, let’s throw the bums out and sit back and enjoy the long, cold, dark winter being warmed by the glow of our pride in our accomplishments in the fall of 2010.   

Larry Wilson is a 50-year resident of Sparks and a retired elementary school teacher. You can contact him at
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