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Miller Water taps into the market of people who don't want to drink from the tap
by Krystal Bick
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Tribune/Krystal Bick- Harold Miller, owner of Miller Water, uses steam distillation to purify the water he sells.  Steam distillation turns water into gas and then back into liquid to remove contaminants.
Tribune/Krystal Bick- Harold Miller, owner of Miller Water, uses steam distillation to purify the water he sells. Steam distillation turns water into gas and then back into liquid to remove contaminants.
When Harold Miller and his family drink water from their faucet at home, they get sore throats.

“It’s the chlorine in the water that bothers us,” Miller said. “We’ve always had to buy purified bottled water because of it.”

Now as the owner of Miller Water, a recently opened water distributor in Sparks, Miller has taken his family’s problem into his own hands.

Located off of McCarran Boulevard and Sullivan Lane, Miller Water is a distributor of Pure Water brand distillers and drinking water systems, offering basic water packages, ice made from the purified water, water accessories and commercial and residential purification systems for rent.

“This is clean, safe water,” Miller said. “And is something that a lot of people want.”

Selling his water for 60 cents per gallon, Miller said safe water should be on top of peoples’ priority lists.

Miller Water’s purification systems use steam distillation methods, which essentially changes water from a liquid to a gas and then back to liquid, Miller said.

“Our water is the closest means to nature,” Miller said.

It is this same water system that is mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as producing the safest drinking water.

Producing nearly 630 gallons of water a day at his store, Miller said he can ensure his water’s safety, as he has already run extensive tests for contaminants including lead, chlorine and mercury.

His findings concluded that 99.9 percent of the majority of the contaminants present in the water were gone after distillation.

“We’re very unique to this area,” Miller said. “Truckee Meadows Water Systems offers a similar system using reverse osmosis. They don’t get the same results as us, though.”

And being a new business owner himself, Miller said the rising fuel prices have been a constraint causing shipping prices to increase but also an advantage at the same time.

“While shipping prices do just keep going up and it is a burden on everyone, more people are coming in because we’re closer,” Miller said, whose store is located near residential areas and the Wildcreek Golf Course. “We’re only three weeks old here, but it gets better every day and we’re getting some repeats here at the store.”

A key item that has been selling well is the ice, Miller said, explaining that since it is made from the same purified water, it will not alter the taste of a drink.

“We’ve had a good response from liquor stores,” Miller said. “Often regular ice can change the taste of what you’re drinking. Ours won’t do that.”

Having prepared to open for nearly two years now, Miller said the process has been tiring, explaining that he has exhausted the water distillation market for the perfect machinery.

“The thing of it is is that it’s like any other business,” Miller said. “It definitely takes a lot of patience, money, hard work and research. You just have to dive in and start swimming.”

Miller said he spent more than $80,000 on his current equipment and is considering bringing in more machinery in hopes of producing 1,200 gallons of water a day — if there is a demand.

Until then, Miller said he wants to make it clear to customers that his water sets him apart from competitors.

“Our water is consistent, pure water every time,” Miller said. “And as far as water steam distillation centers go, we’re the only ones in the area.”

Prices for distillation equipment range between $49.95 to $59.95 a month.

Also for customer convenience, Miller Water offers two water dispenser vending machines outside the store for after hours.

Miller Water is licensed to dispense water to northern Nevada, covering the five counties in the area.

For more information, visit the Miller Water Web site at
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