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Concert Review: Ladies really do love country boys
by Kayla Dubchansky
May 04, 2008 | 1931 views | 0 0 comments | 11 11 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Courtesy photo - Country star Trace Adkins played at The Grand Sierra on Saturday night.
Courtesy photo - Country star Trace Adkins played at The Grand Sierra on Saturday night.
Trace Adkins couldn't have kicked off his concert better, choosing "I've Got my Game On" as his opening song, which summed up most of his show Saturday night at the Grand Sierra Resort.

"I got my groove on/ I got my smooth on/ Yeah, you ladies better watch out tonight/ I got my game on."

He certainly did.

His shiny black cowboy hat, skull-sporting t-shirt, black jeans, boots and long hair were the epitome of sex appeal to some major Trace Adkins fans. Throw in his limited dance moves – highlighted by some provocative hip thrusting – and the ladies loved this country boy.

The 6-foot-6 star was full of energy and life, even while complaining about not being able to breathe due to the elevation. He continued wooing the ladies, though, when he suggested that someone might have to give him mouth to mouth. Despite starting 10 minutes late, Adkins picked up the pace with candor and flare in his vocals and dancing while playing fan favorites.

He got the audience going early, starting off the show with some songs from his first greatest hits album, such as "Thinkin," "Swing" and "Songs about Me” while a screen behind the stage flashed scenes from his music videos. Then Adkins slowed things down, pulling out a gleaming black guitar for the ballad "Every Light."

Adkins got a bit personal, sharing a story about his dad to introduce the song "American Man." Adkins explained how his dad is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy who someone once compared to John Wayne.

" 'My old man makes John Wayne look gay,’ ” Adkins responded. “What're you talking about?' "

The audience responded to the song by raising their glasses when Adkins' lyrics suggested they do so: "So let's all raise a glass to the guy who never asked any praise for a job well done/ All the blood, sweat and tears/ standing tall no fear/ It's long overdue/ Here's to the American Man."

With all his energy, Adkins still managed to somber the crowd by talking about the show “Celebrity Apprentice,” on which he was a guest star. He explained how during one of the episodes there were soldiers on the set and he told the director he was going to go shake hands with them even though it was not planned. He also told the director to bring it on if he had a bouncer big enough to stop him.

This brought Adkins into the song “Arlington” about a soldier who died and was brought to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. The song began and ended with a slow violin solo and the video in the background showed dramatic images of medals, like the Purple Heart, as well as footage of tombstones and Arlington itself.

After that, all bets were off and Adkins rocked away, busting out some of his most popular songs one after the other, from "I Wanna Feel Something" to "Hot Mamma."

During "I Wanna Feel Something," many people in the audience had their cell phones out, calling friends to let them hear the third-hottest song on the Billboard country chart.

Adkins closed out show with a bang, playing "Ladies Love Country Boys," "Hot Mamma" and, of course, "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." He came back on for an encore and dedicated the song "Rockin' Into the Night" to his crew, who he said does all the work.

Before ending the show for good, he sent the crowd off with some Adkins words of wisdom.

"Take care of yourselves, people. Sure as hell no one else who's gonna do it."
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