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Nothing like spring in Nevada
by Larry Wilson
Apr 21, 2008 | 614 views | 0 0 comments | 8 8 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Well, it’s spring again and it’s time to start thinking about getting out into nature and enjoying all it offers to us humans. What a glorious time of year it is for sure. This time of year should be when we have Thanksgiving instead of having it in November, everywhere but Nevada, that is. Saturday night I thought it was November when I saw about an inch of snow everywhere. Then I realized this is Nevada’s answer to spring, of course.

Having gained an understanding of how backwards our Nevada weather is makes it a little easier to understand how the city fathers plan areas for our recreation. A case in point is the new sports complex out east of Wingfield Springs. You almost drive into the Hansen’s front yard to turn around. Another four or five miles and you’d be on the Interstate 80 near the Tracy power plant. You’re not in East Sparks; it’s more like West Fernley.

When you go to visit the complex, it’s a real adventure. You get to wind your way through the widening of Vista Boulevard to four lanes, which probably should be six lanes, at least, to be able to handle today’s traffic. The way is marked very clearly by all those beautiful orange sticks and, at various times, by the glistening chards of broken tail lights and head lights, remnants of various and frequent car crashes along the marvelous new road that also shows the foresight of our city fathers. You know the routine, let the traffic pile up and then we’ll build a road that might handle the load, until next time. Traffic lights will go in when the death toll at various intersections piles so high you can’t see through the bodies to properly see the oncoming traffic. Planning, what’s that? We just laid off most of the crew, they weren’t needed anyway.

They need to build that new road so that when it comes time to install the new sewer line, they’ll know where to dig first. When elected, the word foresight was taken out of the Gideon dictionaries the city fathers were awarded with their election victory. Besides, they would fire the planning staff first in a cost saving measure. You know the building has slowed down, but the traffic has doubled. It must be either those illegal immigrants or the transplanted Californians that are causing the backup. That’s it, it’s all their fault. You know, we always have to find fault, don’t we?

But I digress; we were on our way to the new, stupendous, state-of-the-art, sports complex. We should have packed a picnic lunch for the excursion. Not because we wanted to enjoy the gale force winds that are sure to waft the complex continually, but to ensure we didn’t starve enroute like so many Donners seeking our fortune. I forgot, the Donners were headed West weren’t they? In any event, they never made it just like so many young ball players won’t make it either. There is no bus service to the wonderful artificial turfdom. If Johnny can’t catch a ride some other way, he won’t be playing ball anytime soon. It’s too far from the main part of Sparks to allow for the average Johnny to pedal to a game of pickup baseball. The only Johnnies that might make it there are the ones who will be chauffeured there by the Escalade moms from Wingfield Springs foreclosure farms area.

The adults will survive, even without their picnic lunch. They won’t die of thirst at least, because Bully’s has the contract for booze to keep the athletes sudsed up. They even will have sky boxes available to watch the boozers go for the home run record of the Babe.

Oh yeah, if this sports complex does take off, guess what’s next. You got it, they’ll have to increase the roads to get there. And so it goes. Enjoy your wonderful Nevada spring. Take a trip to the new sports somplex, you’ll love it.

Larry Wilson is a 50-year resident of Sparks and a retired elementary school teacher. You can contact him at
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