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Bamboozle comes to Save The Day
by Cortney Maddock/Tony Contini
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Courtesy Vagrant Records - Saves The Day will perform at the New Oasis in Sparks Thursday night.
Courtesy Vagrant Records - Saves The Day will perform at the New Oasis in Sparks Thursday night.
The indie/emo quartet Saves The Day comes out from "Under the Boards" for the Bamboozle Roadshow tour, which will make a stop at the New Oasis Thursday night.

Along with Saves The Day, the tour will showcase an assortment of bands including Armor for Sleep, Set Your Goals, Metro Station and A Cursive Memory.

Saves The Day have established themselves over the last 11 years through hard work, persistence and a very eclectic sound and unique approach to music. Lead singer Chris Conley has a unique voice that when accompanied by the sharp rhythms of guitarist David Soloway, cannot be reproduced.

The band's primarily punk album, 1999’s "Through Being Cool," was the first to gain consistent radio play with "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic" and started a following that has evolved into a massive cult-like fan base.

Saves the Day have constantly changed up its sound from album to album: from early punk beginnings to the melodic masterpiece "Stay What You Are"; from the rhythmic, yet odd and quirky 2003 album "In Reverie" to 2006's dark and moody onslaught of agressive music in "Sound The Alarm." Saves The Day have mastered a mix of sounds on their most recent album, late 2007’s "Under The Boards."

During the recording of "Sound The Alarm," Saves The Day nearly called it quits because of the band member's individual uncertainities at the time.

"I was going through a bout of depression," Conley told the Sparks Tribune in a phone interview. "I was in a really stange mental space. I was destroying relationships and scaring people off."

Conley was encouraged by his bandmates to go to therapy and begin the recovery process, which not only saved the band but allowed Conley to use music to cope with his issues.

"'Under The Boards’ is exploring how my life started to fall apart," Conley said calmly. "Songwriting is how I deal with difficult situations. It really is my private therapy."

Yet, the music that Saves The Day produces from Conley's personal struggles has been a hit with fans.

"It can be difficult to share such personal stories," Conley added. "It's a happy accident that people get to hear it."

Conley explained that "Under The Boards" is the second album in a triology that started with "Sound The Alarm" and the band is hoping the third installment, “Day Break,” will be out in December. However, Conley isn't sure when they will have time to record.

"'Day Break" will explore moving on," Conley said. "The songs are almost done being written."

While the band's lineup has changed to include Glassjaw drummer Durijah Lang and returning bassist Manuel Ragoonanan, "Under The Boards" is the best of Saves The Day with the slow, the fast, the acoustic and meaningful ballads. Yet, Conley said the band plans to switch up the songs they will play for every show.

"Every morning I wake up and pick 15 songs," Conley said.

He explained that playing the same planned set list show after show gets boring — not only for the band but for the fans as well.

"I just want (the fans) to be satified," Conley said. "And I want them to be suprised by the songs we play, ones that they haven't heard in a while."

The Bamboozle Roadshow, which kicked off last Friday, is a mix of veteran bands and newcomers, Conley said. This includes hot-on-the-scene newbies A Cursive Memory.

The band members of Los Angeles-based A Cursive Memory have more history than some experienced bands. Vocalist and guitar player Shaun Profeta, vocalist Colin Baylen and bassist Mark Borst Smith have been playing together since they were 14. Drummer Dillan Wheeler is a recent addition to the band.

While most high school students may be concered about prom or college, Baylen said the band was just concerned about music. The band recorded its album "Changes" during the guys’ junior and senior years in high school.

"We had to skip our prom to play a sold out show at the House of Blues," Baylen said without regret.

Baylen explained that the band's music has changed along with the band members.

"Our time growing up is reflected in our music," Baylen said. "Our music has matured as we have matured."

A Cursive Memory may be working its way up the rock ladder, but Baylen said he was starstuck by being on tour with Saves The Day.

"When you're playing with bands like Saves The Day, who are gods to you, and a band member says they like your video, it's a little strange," Baylen said.

Overall, A Cursive Memory, which is the opeing act on the tour, are just excited to be on the road again.

"I'm just stoked to be playing with these bands," Baylen said.

Also playing Thursday night will be Armor For Sleep. The band takes a different approach to emo-punk music, often being labeled "smart punk." The New Jersey rockers, now signed to Warner Brothers/Sire Records, have three studio albums to pull from for the band's set, including 2005's "What To Do When You Are Dead."

Set Your Goals will be a crowd stealer with its cult following of avid fans. Usually the crowd participates and sings the most for the main headliners, but with Set Your Goals may give Saves The Day a run for its money with catchy lyrics and heavy chants.

All the bands' skills and stage presence will provide for a long and entertaining show, well worth the $17 in-advance ticket price or $19 at the door. Doors open at 6:30 and show starts at 7:30 p.m.

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