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Healing the mind, body and spirit
by Bobbie Balazo -
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Janice (pronounced Ja-Neece) Gibson has the magic touch, literally.

And she has been spreading her spiritual healing powers in Sparks since Oct. 2006 with her business of Healing Energy-Works on 1001 N. Rock Blvd.

For the past 28 years, Gibson has been practicing the artistry of metaphysical knowledge, channeling, hypnotherapy, psychic ability and healing techniques of Reiki.

“I’m clairaudient, clair-sensient and clairvoyant,” Gibson said. “I’ve been intuitive all my life.”

Gibson is a trained professional in Reiki I and II. Reiki I incorporate the client being physically present where Gibson uses the power of her hands by strategically placing them on the client’s body to rid any negativity. As for Reiki II, a photograph is used to envision the client and a pillow serves as the substitute of him or her. Just as she would on a client if they were present, Gibson places her hands on the pillow hitting the target spots of the body.

“Through my hands I listen for messages,” Gibson said. “All my senses come into play.”

Gibson recently completed a 90-day spiritual journey through the Reiki II absent healing process. Clients from all across the United States and Canada sent Gibson e-mails with an image attachment in hopes of being the lucky one chosen for her to perform Reiki II on.

Receiving a flood of e-mails, Gibson would draw one name throughout the 90 days and perform her rituals. The one-and-a-half hour long process entails sitting down, focusing on the individual’s picture, reciting a healing prayer, executing the Reiki hand positions upon a pillow as she transcribes every word her spirit guides are telling her of the client she is working on.

A typed transcription of all the messages that Gibson received during the Reiki II will then be e-mailed to the individual, which in most cases is right on point to how they are feeling emotionally.

“One lady in Texas couldn’t help but ask how I knew her so well,” Gibson said. “I never met her.”

As the founder of the Reiki Program for The Cancer Center at St. John’s Medical Center in Oxnard, Calif., Gibson worked professionally with doctors and nurses by spiritually helping heal cancer patients for more than six years.

“It helps with fatigue and tolerating the chemicals,” Gibson said. “Reiki is beneficial in all (cancer) stages.”

Now relocated to Sparks, Gibson hopes to intertwine her skills of Eastern medicine with Western medicine just as she did in Oxnard, Calif.

“I want to connect the bridge to work in harmony with doctors,” Gibson said. “It’s the component of the unseen that treats the whole being. It goes to the source.”

Aside from Reiki, another popular treatment Gibson performs is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which is another alternative to acupuncture but encompasses the act of tapping designated points of the upper body and hand instead of the use of needles. Along with the tapping is a repetition of phrases pertaining to the problem, which Gibson will repeat until your level of ease goes from 10 to zero.

EFT helps in healing traumatic issues to psychological problems.

One client came to see Gibson at the Psychic Fair last month because he has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has not had a good night’s sleep since his war days in Vietnam.

After digging deep to find the reasons causing his sleeping problems, it took that one session of EFT to cure him and get him back into a normal sleeping schedule. It was an emotional turn for the vet, who found himself crying after the short session but in the end can finally sleep peacefully without any flashbacks from the past.

“I get to the cause of the trigger point,” Gibson said. “Through EFT it’s taking the emotional component down to zero.”

Getting to this stage of intensive healing has been a life-long process for Gibson. She first discovered her talents at eight years old when she was having precognitive dreams. With each passing year Gibson became more aware of her spiritual capabilities.

“They were so real,” Gibson said. “It would frighten me because they were dead on.”

Her psychic abilities eventually came more into play receiving a “gnawing gut feeling.” Even as a teenager, there were incidents where Gibson would accurately sense tragic events happening to loved ones. This being something that no one initially would want to predict, Gibson took her abilities and knew her calling was in helping individuals.

Ironically as she was accumulating all of these out -of-the-ordinary gifts, Gibson never envisioned herself making this into a career.

It took some time for her to finally listen to her spirit guides.

Throughout this “spirit awakening journey,” Gibson gives much credit to her nine spirit guides who have helped her along the way.

“It’s an intuitive ability,” Gibson said. “The guidance comes in to assist me like fine tuning.”

Each spirit guide has identified themselves to Gibson and stays with her until their purpose to serve has been fulfilled. But it is “Divine Mother” that has remained with her since the beginning of her spiritual journey.

Gibson has helped shape the lives of a range of people from ages three to 80. Gibson even tells of her grandchild learning the simple tapping methods of EFT and using it on herself.

“There are so many beautiful gifts,” Gibson said. “I’m always asking for guidance. The doors are always open for more.”
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Healing the mind, body and spirit by Bobbie Balazo -

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