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The wacko world of weather and warming
by Ira Hansen
Jun 13, 2009 | 650 views | 0 0 comments | 9 9 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Weather predictions: Apparently using Al Gore’s crystal ball on May 20, the National Weather Service said the “outlook for May through July calls for a good chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures across Nevada and a slight chance of below-normal precipitation in the north.”

Writing this on a gloomy, cool, overcast Saturday morning — a pattern around for at least a couple of weeks now — it’s hard not to poke fun at such wide-of-the-mark guesses. I have lived here all my life and I cannot recall a string of rainier overcast days in my lifetime.

In fairness to the weather people, they are OK at up to, say, a few days, but predicting three months at a shot is a bit of a stretch. And nationally, some of the harshest critics of the whole “global warming” cult have been the weather watchers who, like a voice of sanity crying in the wilderness, point out the data simply does not support what the doomsayers claim. But this weather and its cooling trend reminds me of a need to review “Gardening Tips From Al Gore.”

1. DO NOT FERTILIZE. Fertilizing plants is wrong. It is counterproductive. Plants grow better without fertilizer.

2. DO NOT USE THE SUN. Sunlight is harmful. Bright, warm days are bad for plants.

I know this goes against the traditional wisdom of my more experienced “green thumb” type readers. Fertilizing plants is an ancient custom. Plants generally do best in warm, sunny climates. But times change, and when an authority on the whole wide world, a real jet-setter, speaks, I listen. Yes, former Vice President Al Gore knows what is best for us, and has led the way, illuminated the path, broken the mold, cut the ties of our absurd allegiance to the past. Gore is just like the weather service only better: They speak of three months but Gore sees the weather for generations. And fertilizer and sunshine are bad, bad, bad.

Stretching it a bit, you say? Carbon dioxide, the gas everyone is now paranoid about and the one allegedly responsible for “global warming” is, what? A plant food. A fertilizer. A highly valuable fertilizer.

Go back to Biology 101. Carbon dioxide is a blessing, a stimulant, for plants. It’s plant candy, and the overall productivity of our whole world has risen because of it. Plants have greatly benefitted thanks to the rise in the quantity of carbon dioxide, a bi-product of fossil fuel use. Carbon dioxide has increased in total quantity since the “industrial revolution” started. But it, even in its new quantities, is only a tiny fraction of the gasses that supposedly cause “global warming.” About 97 percent of “greenhouse gas” is plain old water vapor. In short, we are getting all worked up over nothing; in truth, the release of carbon dioxide is a blessing and helps account for the dramatic rise in world food production.

Note, as well, the change in terminology. “Global warming” has been replaced. Chicken Little & Co. have a new term to scare everyone. “Climate change” is the new sacred chant and, as we all know, unless we all stop using just about everything that makes our lives comfortable, i.e. furnaces, automobiles, air conditioning, we are all doomed, doomed, DOOMED!

Why the switch? Simple. Since 1999 the climate has not warmed at all. In fact, thanks to new satellite technology in both the atmosphere and in the oceans, we know the climate has actually cooled a bit. Note today the complete absence of those climbing bar graphs shown with every article about the “warming trend” up through 1998.

What about sunshine? According to the climate change/global warming crowd, the sun’s rays are the deadly threat, soon to cook us all, melt the ice caps, flood the coasts and send us all into oblivion.

But again, Biology 101: plants convert the sun’s rays into energy and grow. Photosynthesis is the proper name, and these days, these cool, gloomy, rainy days we have been having all of June, are bad for growth. Logically it makes you pause; exactly why sunshine is suddenly bad for all the globe is a questionable hypothesis.

I drove through Sacramento last week and noted the city’s elevation is 25 feet. If Gore & Co.’s apocalyptic visions are correct, you can soon buy oceanfront property in, say, Roseville. The oceans will rise, what have they projected, 30 to 50 feet, how soon?

Since there is no mad rush to sell at bargain prices all of what will soon be modern-day Atlantis, no one seems to be taking the prophets of doom seriously. Exception: the Obama administration, the Reid and Pelosi free enterprise-hating Congress and old 1960s leftovers who smoked too much dope. Perhaps Gore, like Noah, will have the last laugh, but I doubt it. Noah listened to God. Gore IS God.

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