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Taming a women’s libido
by David Farside
Jan 27, 2014 | 924 views | 1 1 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend | print
In the latest political, religious, personal and republican assault on women’s rights, Mike Huckabee is using his Fox, so-called news media, as a platform to regurgitate his religious doctrine relating to women. Huckabee said he is opposed to insurance coverage for contraceptives offered in corporate health plans that cover preventive services and prescription drugs for women. His true misogynist attitude toward all women came to light last week when he said insurers shouldn’t have to pay for contraceptives just because “women can’t control their libido.” It looks like twofaced rightwing politics is still running rampant in the Republican Party. At least in the Huckabee camp.  

Huckabee has to be setting the tone for the next two year republican struggle for the Whitehouse and mid term battles to control the House and Senate.  Why else would he change his original stand that included contraception for women when he was Governor of Arkansas? In April of 2005, Huckabee signed a bill requiring all employers with 15 or more workers to cover contraceptives for women if they offer the standard prescription and preventive services. Religious nonprofit organizations employers were exempted.

Huckabee cited an old Obama visionary political add for his premise. It depicted a woman named Julia who would benefit from an education, good job, decent affordable housing, secure retirement and healthcare when Obama became president.  Taking everything out of context, Huckabee compared Julia as a women who, from “cradle to grave depended on good oL’ Uncle Sugar.”

As a fiscal conservative Republican, Huckabee should demand the contraceptive cost for both men and women be included in all health care legislation. Depending on the source, there are 3 million unintended pregnancies in the United States annually, ranking it as the highest in the world; leading to over 1 million abortions every year. According to The Brookings Institution more than $12 billion is spent on unintended pregnancies every year. That’s equal to the amount spent for the Child Care Act  and three quarters of federal funding for the Head Start and Early Start programs combined.

The problem is: Huckabee is a devote Christian. He seems to think contraception is equal to abortion. He, in a strange way, believes that preventing a pregnancy is the same as killing an embryo. How dim-witted can that be? How can you kill or destroy something that doesn’t exist? Republicans speak with a forked tongue. They preach fiscal conservatism demanding President Obama cut entitlement cost desperately needed by victims of low wages , poverty and poor health; but they will not support legislation that would save taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

Over 90% of American women use some form of contraception. It’s hard for me to believe that none of them are republican. I also can’t believe republicans or Christians abstain from having their God-given pleasure of having sex.

Maybe Huckabee will comprise: At the time of purchasing contraceptives all women will have to show their voting ID. Women who want to control their libido by having sex should be covered by insurance. However, only Democrats will be covered by insurance. If you’re republican women you will have to rely on a man to satisfy your wonderful uncontrolled libido for you, or just pay for them yourself. Yes, you can read between the lines.

David Farside is a Sparks resident and political activist.
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January 31, 2014
Another shining example of why religion should never, ever, be involved in politics.
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