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Let's get physical!
by Andrea Tyrell
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Sanda Taylor takes a break from working out on the elliptical at Planet Fitness Sunday. Since  her first workout  session at the gym in February, Taylor has lost 40 lbs.
Sanda Taylor takes a break from working out on the elliptical at Planet Fitness Sunday. Since her first workout session at the gym in February, Taylor has lost 40 lbs.
Sandra Taylor has been coming to Planet Fitness, a gym located on north McCarran in the Silver State Shopping Plaza, since February. After retiring from the health department, her physical activity dwindled and she quickly gained weight.

"It's amazing how quickly your muscles go to nothing," said Taylor. "I couldn't pick up my great grandson."

She began walking with a walker and fell down, unable to pick herself back up. Thinking that she was out of options of improving her immobility, Taylor decided to visit Planet Fitness, a gym across the street from her apartment.

"I thought, 'they don't take old people,'" said Taylor. "But I still decided to give it a try. They were so nice and supportive when I came in. I needed help and they knew that I did."

Planet Fitness caters to 30 to 40 year olds and to those individuals, like Taylor, who haven't worked out in sometime.

"We focus on general fitness- cardio, basic weights, no specialty workouts like crossfit and yoga," said Richard Padilla, manager of the Planet Fitness. "We don't push you into buying things like supplements here and no one works off of commission."

Padilla is the newest addition to the Planet Fitness staff. Prior to managing the Sparks location, Padilla managed the PlanetFitness in Citrus Heights, outside of Sacramento for thee years. He has been at the Sparks' Planet Fitness for 2 1/2 months. His love of fitness inspires him at work every day.

"I was chubby when I was a kid," said Padilla. "I'm now getting back to former self."

Planet Fitness offers free wights, treadmills, stationary bicycles, massage chairs and other equipment to its members, as well as lockers, large changing rooms and private showers in the men's and women's locker rooms. Tucked back in the corner of the building, Planet Fitness also has stations where those looking for a 30 minute workout or strictly core exercises can quickly get a session in.

"It's not crazy elaborate," said Padilla. "You can just come in, use the 30 minute station, do your thing and leave."

Personal training is free at Planet Fitness. The gym offers half hour classes during the work week and Saturday. These classes each focus on target areas, such as upper arms and calves muscles.

"We only have one trainer here," said Padilla. "I don't like to bounce people around between trainers."

Running since 1980, Planet Fitness trainer, Twila Pivmick, helps customers reach their maximum potential. Pivmick is certified in personal training and is an avid runner, completing 12 marathons.

"I focus on total health- muscle balance and letting opposing muscles work together," said Pivmick. "I help you design your own workout. I sit with you for an hour and tell you why cardio is important, why strength training is important. Together, we establish your workout goals."

"Twila works with you," said Padilla. "She listens and wants to know what kind of results your want. If you need to take it easy, like in Sandra's case, Twila will acknowledge that. If you want to be sore after your workout, Twila will kick your butt."

After discussing her fitness goals with Pivmick, Taylor started working out on the treadmill.

"The first time, I walked on the treadmill for five minutes," said Taylor. "I prayed for death, silently calling Twila names in my head. But she is so encouraging. She wants to help you so bad. Twila has you doing more that you think you can."

Since her first workout session with Pivmick, Taylor lost 40 lb.

"Sandra's range of movement is day and night," said Pivmick. "She was improved immensely and I'm extremely proud of her."

"Yes, we offer the same price as Fitness For 10 down the street, but we focus on customer service here," said Padilla. "Everyone who works here is friendly and enjoys working here. Plus, we strive for cleanliness. When you first walk in, you will notice that it doesn't smell like a gym."

Planet Fitness also offers promotional seasonal deals and school specials.

Working out at Planet Fitness three to four times a week, Taylor now recruits her neighbors to the different classes Planet Fitness offers, telling her friends that their age is no excuse not to get a good workout in.

"I've gained so much confidence," Taylor said. "If I fall down now, I can pick myself up. It's great knowing that you're finally safe in your own home."

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