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USA at crossroads: New Deal or new Confederacy?
by Andrew Barbano
Oct 13, 2013 | 989 views | 0 0 comments | 5 5 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Only Great Depression2 can bring positive change to this corporate plantation of a country.

All else has failed.

The evidence is now pretty clear that the most recent liberal president of the United States was Richard Milhous Nixon. Among other things, Richard the Rotten signed the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration into law. He came close to initiating a policy of treatment rather than criminalization of drug abuse.

Every president since has been a moderate-to-extreme pro-corporation conservative.

Two American industries are exempt from anti-trust law: baseball and insurance, the latter thanks to the McCarran-Ferguson Act, courtesy of Sen. Patrick McCarran, D-Nev.

Insurance bandidos may thus conspire to fix prices, Obamacare exchanges be damned.

As Harper's Magazine Senior Editor Luke Mitchell presciently put it in December 2009, should health care reform pass, it would be something insurance companies like. Mitchell has proven correct: 30 million new government-mandated and often tax-subsidized insurance consumers, the proudest achievement of the hyper-conservative Heritage Foundation that thought it up. (Google Romneycare.)

Now, the health care cure is causing disease. Moonhowling alchemists are perverting it into a virus to crash the worldwide economy.

TRIPLE THREAT: The Sequester infected, the Shutdown further weakened and the Fiscal Cliff will finish the job.

What job? Our plummet into the death spiral of Great Depression Part Deux.

Radical, constructive reform most recently came to this country during the 1930's, a bloody and only partially successful fight.

At the beginning of his film "Sicko," Michael Moore ran President Franklin D. Roosevelt's nationally broadcast 1945 address advocating a domestic bill of rights, including the right to earn enough at a job to support a family and the right to health care.

It died with him a few months later.

Much of Roosevelt's fabled New Deal has been slowly buried next to him.

Like millions of others, I hoped Barack Obama would be the new FDR. Alas and alack, an alpha dog he ain't.

Great Depression2 can produce one of two results: the rise of a new Roosevelt or the de facto dissolution of the formerly United States of America.

The states have a fair-to-middling track record of coming up with workable policies when the central government is paralyzed. Breakup into regions of interest would just be a logical step.

I retain hope for a new Roosevelt rather than a new Confederacy. The South must not rise again.

IRONY ALERT: Speaking of slavery, the estimate of people suffering under some form of involuntary servitude in the U.S currently stands somewhere between 100,000 and one million.

I could not retrieve the latest estimate because the shutdown has closed the federal website with the information.

Which brings us full circle, kinda like the current Washington firing squad.

Esté bien. Haga infierno.

Be well. Raise hell.
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