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Malice in Wonderland: DC politics mimics classic tale
by Harry Spencer
May 27, 2013 | 1835 views | 1 1 comments | 36 36 recommendations | email to a friend | print
When the fictional Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole, she encountered a world where everything seemed backward to normal.

One can almost take that same journey today if he or she is a constant observer of the world as seen by Washington D.C. The hearings last week best illustrated this point when the IRS woman, Lori Lerner, took the stand in front of a Congressional committee. After taking the oath to tell the truth, she immediately opened her testimony with a self-serving statement about her innocence and lack of wrongdoing. Immediately after that, she chose to avail herself of the Fifth Amendment and did not answer any further questions. It was quickly pointed out to her by a member of the committee that she had effectively waived her right to the Fifth by delivering the lengthy opening statement. In order to resolve the issue legally, the Chairman postponed the session until legal experts could fathom out whether or not the witness had transgressed.

This was just one of the many events that have occurred recently in the troubled Obama administration. Whenever he is on a podium, the President is quick to say “my” administration at every turn. When problems arise about the credulity of the White House, the President and his tax-paid staff are just as fast to say, “We didn’t know anything until we read it or heard it in news reports.”

The current IRS scandal, the DOJ’s harassment of reporters’ phone records and the long-simmering Benghazi fiasco indicate the possibility of more scandals in the future. One such scandal that is beginning to emerge on the horizon is the EPA’s treatment of Democratically-controlled “green” energy companies as compared to traditional energy source companies.

All that is happening in Washington today is a reminder of the long-forgotten GSA scandal that occurred in Las Vegas. The only difference being that the GSA top executive knew how to legally invoke the Fifth. Perhaps Ms.Lerner could learn something from his playbook.

Probably the thing that has been abused the most is the famous Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from participating in partisan politics. A prime example of this is Health and Human Services’ Sebelius being guilty of such activity and then excused by her boss. It reminds us also of the “Fast and Furious” scandal in which AG Eric Holder was rescued by Executive Order.

Possibly the finest thing that the current administration has done for us is to expand our vocabulary so that now we say “workplace violence” instead of an act of terror, Or we call it “man-made disaster” and we now call our overseas mission a “contingency operation” instead of what it really is.

Just as Alice encountered the “Cheshire Cat,” we now have a grinning Chief Executive. For the “Queen of Hearts,” we now have Speaker Pelosi and for the “Mad Hatter,” we now have Joe Biden. If he were still alive, author Lewis Carroll would probably enjoy the conversation with the NV Condor.

Harry Spencer is a long-time northern Nevada resident.

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Dave J
May 31, 2013
A comparison of the Obama administration is good but I think a comparison to 1984 is better. "Terrorism" in a military base is "work place violence" Nd an armed attack on a US consulate is a "movie protest."
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