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Boston bombing bungling
by Harry Spencer
Apr 29, 2013 | 1362 views | 0 0 comments | 3 3 recommendations | email to a friend | print
At the time of this writing, Friday afternoon, the Boston bombing bungling continues to escalate.

Unlike the swift action of the local police forces that killed one and captured the other suspect in the tragic bombing during the finish of the Boston Marathon, once the U.S. government got involved the investigation turned into a comedy of errors.

The comedy began with the Justice Department cutting off the allotted time that was supposedly given to FBI inquisitors who were seeking information from the captured suspect. According to all reports the FBI was operating under the proscribed exemption to Miranda that was available to them. After only 16 hours of the scheduled 48 hours for questioning, a federally appointed female judge, accompanied by an Assistant U.S. Attorney, descended upon the scene and subverted the FBI by reading the suspect his Miranda Rights. This in effect caused the suspect to quit talking to investigators and gave him protection, as it would any U.S. citizen. Whether he deserves to be treated as a citizen rather than as an enemy combatant is a moot point.

The overwhelming question is whether the Justice Department, at the highest level, knew of the judge/attorney interruption. Since the DOJ is in charge of the FBI, they do have such authority. Many commentators have wondered if the second suspect wasn’t more of a treasonous person rather than an ordinary citizen. Speaking of his citizenship it is interesting to note that it was awarded to him on a 9/11 date.

Currently the House Intelligence Committee Chairman has sent a letter directly to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for clarification of this obvious screw up.

Adding to the confusion the beleaguered Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, got into the act by saying that the deceased suspect had been on a previous watch list but the information purportedly never reached the FBI.

This is another situation which seems to show that the various agencies in the current Obama administration still stonewall each other when it comes to the sharing of information. Following the tragedy of the 9/11 incident we were told that all barriers between various law enforcement agencies were coming down due to the antiquated fiefdom system that had existed for years.

On the Massachusetts state level even the Governor has gotten into the act. He has refused to give access to the state welfare payments that had been given to the two suspects for years.

The aura of secrecy that has surrounded the apprehension of the suspects has only briefly been pierced by the Chinese gentleman whose car was hijacked by the pair. He has informed us that the perpetrators were planning on driving to New York and setting off similar explosions in Times Square.

The way that this macabre situation is unfolding it mirrors the bumbling and stumbling that was first illustrated in the seven-month-old Benghazi investigation. The President promised swift action on that tragedy but we are rapidly approaching its first anniversary. Let us hope that the Boston story is treated in a far more expeditious manner.

Harry Spencer is a long-time northern Nevada resident.
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