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Sen. Dean Heller: half right, all wrong
by David Farside
Apr 15, 2013 | 3221 views | 0 0 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print
A few weeks ago, the billionaire Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, announced he was donating $12 million of his personal wealth to form his own gun-lobbying committee. It will spend the money on ads in 13 states to pressure both Democrats and Republican Senators to support tighter gun control legislation. In Nevada, the ad pictures a hunter holding a rifle asking all Nevadans to call Senator Dean Heller personally for his of support for more efficient gun control that will protect every American’s rights. Heller must have received a lot of phone calls. He joined 16 other Republicans and 52 Democrats to block a possible filibuster threatened by GOP Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

McConnell says he opposes any legislation that restricts the rights of relatives and friends to sell guns to each other. He claimed the bill “is a clear overreach that will predominantly punish our neighbors and harass our neighbors, friends and family.” Of course, he faces re-election next year and he cannot afford to ruffle the feathers of those NRA mountain men, living somewhere deep in them thar hills. It appears he and the NRA would rather protect gang members, terrorist and members of al-Qaeda rather than our innocent children walking on the streets or studying in the classroom.

Americans United for Change, a liberal advocacy group for gun control, is sponsoring ads In Kentucky aimed at McConnell, claiming his opposition to background checks and new gun control is supporting terrorism and al Qaeda. And they make a great point.

In the ad, the narrator shows a recruitment video of American-born al-Qaeda spokesman and recruiter Adam Gadahn, explaining how U.S. laws do not require background checks to obtain firearms. He encourages all Muslims living in the United State to carry out acts of terror with guns that are easily obtained at local conventions and gun shows. The narrator goes on to explain McConnell is against all background checks, including gun shows and conventions. In summation, he asks McConnell: which side do you agree with?

Heller was half right. He broke political ranks and voted for an open debate on the Senate floor.He upheld the democratic process, saying he was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and wouldn’t compromise our constitutional rights to own guns. Heller was all wrong when he said he was opposed to a national gun registry.

The personal or political paranoia of a national gun registry is ludicrous. Those who argue we need to hide our guns to protect ourselves from “big brother” is outdated. As long as there is an NRA or any other lobby that puts campaign money in the back pockets of politicians, we don’t have to fear government. What we have to fear is a group of crazy neighbors armed with assault weapons in one hand and a burning cross in the other;  wearing white masks as they march down main street searching out anyone who supports same sex marriage, women’s rights, immigration reform and equal opportunities for everyone.

New gun legislation will not take away our guns but which side will Heller be on? Will he help protect us from terrorists and our children from random massacres or agree with Sen. McConnell, making it easier for terrorist to get hand guns, rifles and assault weapons.

David Farside is a Sparks resident and political activist.
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