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Online Sensation
by Garrett Valenzuela
Feb 13, 2013 | 1908 views | 0 0 comments | 2 2 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Tribune photo -- Dylan Guffey
Tribune photo -- Dylan Guffey
SPARKS — Spanish Springs High School senior Dylan Guffey has moved plenty throughout his life. To put it in perspective, Sparks is the third city he has landed in during his four years of high school.

After a couple years in New Mexico and a little more than a year in New York, Guffey is rounding out his final year at Spanish Springs. Though he has mingled among several peer groups, there is one that has been a constant.

Guffey is an active ‘Youtuber’ no matter his physical location. He manages a couple of tutorial channels on Youtube, aiding others in video production and providing assistance to video game enthusiasts on various game titles. Guffey said he enjoys the interaction and focuses mainly on helping others.

“I always liked going on Youtube to watch videos when I needed to learn something so I figured why don’t I do that because these people are obviously getting some benefit out of doing it,” Guffey said. “I started it because I wanted to meet the new people. If you put your video out there and try to help a lot of people with a spot they are stuck at in a game, you meet all these new people, contacts and other Youtubers who want to communicate with you.”

Guffey also brings some excitement to his Youtube channels uploading prank videos he makes with his friends, which can sometimes make him a little extra cash. Guffey said while the fun part may be going out to the mall to joke with others, bountiful behind-the-scenes work is required to create a mere two-minute video.

“I know a lot of people who are doing it because they want to be in it for the money,” Guffey said. “I can make money off my prank videos and my tutorial videos occasionally, but that is not really why I do it. I do it because if someone messages me or asks for a new video, I will do that. It doesn’t really matter if it interests me or not I just want to help out.

“To make a two-minute video, you want two minutes of the best stuff and you don’t want all of the crap that goes on that was boring. It takes ages to put together just a two-minute video. Especially when you are doing pranking videos or online videos, you have to get permission from every single person in the video to show their name and faces. If you can’t get the permission, you have to blur their faces and leave their names out or completely get rid of that section of the video. You also have to get permission from any artists that you want to use music from, otherwise you have to use your own music and that adds on to the work load.”

Guffey said “it gets easier” to create and upload videos with more experience given that he can make templates to his videos and “drag and drop” them during the production process. He said video production has become a hobby to pass time, but he is prepared to lose his popularity on Youtube after graduation.

Eighteen-year-old Guffey has already enlisted in the Army and plans to enroll in the Military Police program to help fuel his future goals to become a police officer. Guffey said the Military Police program works as a “stepping stone” in his life and allows him to enter and leave the Army without aiming for a career.

“I guess ever since I was a little kid that is what I wanted to do,” Guffey said. “My dad was a police officer, but not for very long. I just want to help people. It is basically the same reason I make my videos, I just enjoy helping people out.”

Guffey said he has enlisted for a five-year term and finds that his video production will take a hiatus during his tenure in the Army. He said he still enjoys creating his videos, but never sees it becoming “more than a hobby.”
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