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Israelis want to have ‘it all’
by Jake Highton
Dec 12, 2012 | 4250 views | 1 1 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print
The whole civilized world is against Israel except the United States and tiny Pacific island nations of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and the Marshall Islands. With excellent reason. The Israelis continue to build settlements on Palestinian soil. They continue to flout international law.

Angered by the U.N. General Assembly vote to grant Palestine status as an observer state, the Israeli government will build 3,000 more housing units in areas near Jerusalem and on the West Bank. It will also withhold $100 million in tax revenues it collected from the financially strapped Palestine Authority.

As the New York Times editorialized: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions were “punitive and shortsighted moves that threaten to crush the Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, who has recognized Israel’s right to exist.”

The Times goes too far, however, when it says the actions threaten the peace process. Israel under Netanyahu does not want peace negotiations. It does not want a two-state solution. It wants it all.

“The all” was defined in a sign held aloft by a man living in Gaza: “You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bombard my country, starve us all, humiliate us all but I am to blame. I shot a rocket back.”

The U.N. vote allows Palestine to sign treaties protecting its air space, natural gas fields off the Gaza coast and electromagnetic airwaves. And most importantly, Palestine can join the International Court of Justice and the International Court to challenge Israel’s unpunished violations of international law.

Wonder of wonders

•Catholic bishops voted unanimously to push for canonization of a woman who had an abortion, had a child out of wedlock, backed strikers against the Catholic Church, considered joining the Communist Party and caroused in taverns with “abandoned” young people like playwright Eugene O’Neill.

Adding to the wonder: her cause was recommended by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, conservative archbishop of New York.

His cause is Dorothy Day. It could not be worthier.

Day was an incredible woman: fiery social activist who lived like a Christian instead of merely preaching like one. She was arrested at protests for farm workers led by Cesar Chavez. She founded the Catholic Worker, radical newspaper, with Peter Maurin in 1933.

The Catholic Worker still publishes, always on the side of labor while much of the U.S. media are not. The organization has more than 200 hospitality houses. You do not have to be a Catholic to use their facilities to aid the poor: soup kitchens, rooms and clothing distribution.

In a church that has created scores of non-entities as saints, Day was a true saint.

Pope, Twitter and hope

•Pope Benedict XVI has moved into the 21st century by posting messages on Twitter, a social media outlet for 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.

Is it too much to hope that now the pope will abandon his medieval stance against abortion, contraceptives and women in the priesthood?

Jake Highton is an emeritus journalism professor at the University of Nevada, Reno.
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Just Passing By
December 19, 2012
I am not sure what the editor is talking about when he wrote,” The whole civilized world is against Israel except the United States and tiny Pacific island nations”. The vote on the side of Israel had other notable nations of the world also” Canada, The Czech Republic and Panama.” The 41 nations that abstained from voting for Palestine included Germany and Great Britain. The Good Cop Bad Cop strategy of the Palestine’s is as clear as day. Hamas launches missiles while The Palestinian Authority circumvents around its partners for peace to try to obtain Statehood. The Arab Spring will be a rude awaking to the western world. The rise of radical Islam will be felt worldwide in the near future. Israel is a test case in what we in the west will be dealing with. Does Israel want it all? If wanting it all means having a safehomeland in the middle of its enemy’s, why once outlawed Islamic radicals take the seats of power around them and use the Palestine people as proxies. Yes I agree Israel wants it all. I would also.
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