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Hillary Clinton in Wonderland
by Harry Spencer
Sep 24, 2012 | 1994 views | 0 0 comments | 3 3 recommendations | email to a friend | print
The virtual rabbit hole that Lewis Carroll created for Alice in Wonderland was enlarged in the past two weeks to enable Hillary Clinton, Vivian Newland and Susan Rice to re-enter en masse.

The reason for the simile was that the trio had seen the Mideast crisis from varying viewpoints that were backed up by President Obama and spokesman Jay Carney.

Initially, the official word was that it was all due to an obscure anti-Islamic film made by a fly-by-night Hollywood producer. That quickly changed as the Embassy attacks escalated to a true terrorist incident. To her credit, Newland early on admitted that the State Department did not have enough information to fix the blame for the incident.

Conversely, Rice was very adamant in her assumption that it was all due to the video. She made another extreme error when she said that two ex-Navy SEALs, who were murdered, along with the Ambassador, were there as security guards. It was later verified that the two were employed in an area other than security.

The conflagration quickly spread to U.S. embassies throughout the world. Since the embassies operate under the direction of the Secretary of State, the “buck,” as Harry Truman was famous for saying, “stops here.” No matter what excuse the administration comes up with, the incidents occurred and are still occurring under Hillary’s watch.

As a side note, I have yet to see anything in the press about how the four individuals met their untimely deaths. If autopsies were performed, the results should have been made public by now.

With the presidential race coming to a boil, this is but one troubling event which Obama must confront.

The race itself has been enlivened by a number of gaffes on both sides. Obama’s most famous one to date is “you didn’t build this.” While Romney’s is “there are 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay taxes.”

Both campaigns are reaching into the past for statements that were uttered by the two men and using their own words against each other. In Obama’s case, a 1998 voice tape where he proclaims his belief in redistribution, is backed up with his famous interview with Joe the Plumber, where he used different words to express the same sentiment.

Strangely enough, the president as of press time has failed to address the Libyan massacre in a substantive response. He did find time on Sept. 11 to travel to Las Vegas for a political fundraiser.

As political potshots hit the White House from the Republican side of the aisle, the only response the administration had was to issue a small video buy in Pakistan that featured the president and Hillary once again decrying the anti-Islamic film. They were in effect criticizing American freedom of speech.

Adding to the president’s problems, he recently admitted in a televised interview that it was impossible for him to change Washington from the inside. A strange statement coming from the man who ran on “change” four years ago.

Harry Spencer is a long-time Truckee Meadows resident.
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