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Harmony in the World: Dogs & cats getting along
by Landess Witmer PetFolio Publisher
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Courtesy Illustration/Turi Everett
Courtesy Illustration/Turi Everett

RENO — Did you know that about one-third of Americans who own a pet are now contemplating adopting another one? Of these, many of the new animals in the house will be of the opposite species.

Yes, we are talking about cats and dogs getting along, sharing the same happy, forever homes.

If you are one of the generous pet-loving families considering mixing your animals, you might want know about some recent research on cats and dogs. Being sensitive to a couple of “inter-species” signals, you will be able to assist your animals in communicating better with each other.

Cats and dogs have different body cues. Cats, for example, tend to use their tails to express anger. In comparison, dogs growl and arch their backs when they are incensed.

Fighting could occur when the inter-species indicators are not translated. For instance, a cat’s averted head means aggression, while a dog with a head turned away actually shows submission.

Slowly introduce your animals to each other. Allow your cat and dog to gradually get familiar with each other’s presence and body language. The process could take some time but you will be rewarded greatly with content pets for life.

You can help your pets evolve beyond their basic instincts. Dogs and cats can learn to read each other’s body signals; sharing common signals and emotions will allow them to live comfortably together in your home.

In many homes, canines and felines get along great. They play together, greet each other none-to-nose and enjoy sleeping together on the couch. These two species will share the same water bowl and even groom each other. It is a sight to see!

In today’s world the tolerance that transcends different species can include colleagues at work, neighbors, politicians and even world superpowers. If cats and dogs can learn to get along, certainly humans can too!

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Harmony in the World: Dogs & cats getting along by Landess Witmer PetFolio Publisher

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