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Ten Habits of Happy Pet Owners
by Landess Witmer PetFolio Publisher
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Courtesy Illustration/Turi Everett
Courtesy Illustration/Turi Everett
Happiness is one aspiration we all share. What do happy pet owners have in common that makes them people we want to be around? We’ve all seen people who walk happy dogs, have kitties purring in their laps and horses that lean in for head rubs. What do these pet owners know about animals?

Happy pet owners have an outlook on life that includes a special role for their pets. These people make sure owning animals feels good. We watch and admire from afar, but in fact, we all can stand to learn from their regular habits and “way of being.” The following are 10 things happy pet owners make a habit of doing:

Devoted — set aside time together. “I think to be a happy pet owner you have to make your pets part of the family,” said Tina Diedrichsen of Spring Creek. If you carve out a special moment to spend with your pet, you always will be happy you did.

Caring — show concern and empathy: “Do unto your pets as you would have your pets do unto you,” said Wendy Brownlee at Brownlee Equestrian in Reno. It is that ability to feel, to care, to love, that makes us better people and keeps our pets happy, too.

Committed — be strong enough to make good decisions. “The other thing that makes a happy pet owner is to feed your pets a good diet,” Diedrichsen said. Decide to provide your pet with the correct, well-balanced meals that will help extend their life with you. A happy pet is healthy from the inside out.

Active — be energetic and share your good energy. “To be a happy ‘dog person’ your dog deserves just seven minutes of direct attention and training. With that both you and your dog will form a lasting bond and one that will make each of you feel proud and with a purpose,” said Mark Hildahl of Reno. The act of getting up and moving is the best exercise you can give yourself and your pet.

Tolerant — be patient, showing respect for the rights or opinions of others. “I think to be a happy pet owner you have to have patience and unconditional love. Treat your pets as you want to be treated,” said Kayce Leal Rathmann of Sparks. Pets offer an opportunity to experience life in its purest form. Share the dog parks and public areas with other pet owners. See your dog run and play happily with others.

Inspirational – impart a divine influence on the mind and soul. “I really believe strongly that to truly be a happy pet owner, one has to seek a strong personal bond with their dog, cat, rabbit, horse or whatever,” said Paul Johnathan of Carson City. Animals allow us to be amazing, if you just let down your barriers and be inspired by their true nature and unconditional happiness.

Resourceful — be ingenious and full of initiative. “I think we are a happy pet family because we volunteer and provide foster homes for cats,” said the Jones family of Truckee, Calif. They have found that helping find homes for kittens makes them feel really good. Happy pet lovers don’t have to be pet owners, they can be “pet helpers,” too.

Encouraging — bring fun to your world. “Being a good dog owner is about loving, caring and respecting your dog. The unconditional love you get from your dog is priceless. Don’t take for granted what you get from your dog daily,” said Mena Spodobalski, a fitness trainer in Reno. Every day is the chance to go on new walks, teach new tricks and jog a new trail with your happy-go-lucky dog.

Flexible — adaptable and able to make changes. “Being a happy pet owner means to me that we are able to enjoy the animals in our lives, sometimes that requires flexibility and willingness to include our pets in our family plan,” said Kurt Williams of Carson City. A happy pet is one that feels important in your daily life.

Charitable — generous in giving money or other help to the needy. “Even though my pets are lucky to have a home, there are so many other pets in need. The shelters are full of pets looking for love and affection, spending time visiting with shelter pets, as well as donating money and goods helps those who are still waiting for a family to take them home,” said Kaleigh Richards, a massage therapist from Reno.

Read more about proper pet ownership, local pet clubs and current animal events in “A World Unleashed,” at
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Ten Habits of Happy Pet Owners by Landess Witmer PetFolio Publisher

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