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The challenge: sex, organs and evolution
by Ira Hansen
Aug 16, 2008 | 819 views | 0 0 comments | 9 9 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Sex, sex, sex. Seems they can’t sell a jar of peanut butter without somehow linking it some sort of sexual hint or advantage. No question – sex sells.

So, why should newspapers be any different? This columnist is turning over a new leaf – why fight the tide?

This may surprise some of you (hold your breath) but I, yes even I, a conservative GOP type, have had sex. Let’s see: I have, one, two, three, let’s see … eight children, so I have eight times. No, make that nine – once for practice.

Even more disgusting was the discovery that my parents even had sex. To top that for shock, so had their parents. And get this – they had never even had sex education classes. Amazing, huh?

Seems every generation thinks they pretty much invented all of the latest techniques and all of the other little enhancements to sex. But, anyone even vaguely familiar with Greek, Roman or, even more ancient, Egyptian history, knows that just about nothing is new.

But, sex came about from somewhere, and here is where the fun begins. I’m one of those throwback, thick-skulled Neanderthal types who do not buy the current “organic evolution” theory of the origins of life. And sex is one of the reasons why.

See, according to all the deep thinkers, life began in a “primordial soup” where all the right chemicals almost magically came together and — poof! — life began.

Not only began, but began to reproduce – sex came to be.

Soon, life began to expand into more complex forms, and sex began. Originally, there was no male/female principle. Single sex was the standard. Reproduction took place without any need for a mate.

OK, that’s problem one. Since evolution defines “survival of the fittest” as the life form most capable of successful reproduction, hence the greatest gene pool, why complicate matters by introducing the male/female principle? As any ugly desperate male can tell you, life would be a whole lot simpler if he could reproduce without needing to find a mate.

Next problem – urge. The desire for sex. Accepting the primordial soup theory as fact, left out of the equation is why? Why reproduce? Where did the desire for life, for survival, for passing on your genes, come from? We all take that for granted, but even if all of the right ingredients came together, why did they also apparently come with a desire to survive, to reproduce?

Remove that desire – neuter any pet and you will immediately see my point – and the acts of reproduction lose all of their interest. Obviously, if evolution is true, the desire had to also magically show up at the exact moment, or, even with all of the right soup mix, the next generation of soup would never have existed.

Then, the real killer: Sex shifted from being single sex to the highly complex male/female. If the soup is “A” and reproduction today is “Z”, I want you to contemplate all the steps, the letters between. In short, the transitional phases in evolution.

Consider: How did the male sex organ, the penis, begin? Of what value was it, unless there was a perfectly coordinated female component to complement it?

Sounds funny, but transition is never discussed in depth by the evolutionists. They mockingly wave their hand in dismissal, saying something like “Oh, over eons of time and who knows how many millions of random mutations, it all happened.” This, of course is a total dodge, and they flippantly avoid explaining the unexplainable – how it could actually happen. And who can blame them? Picturing and defining the nuts and bolts would show how ludicrous the whole theory is, so lacking in common sense. Avoiding the much-needed detailed intricacies through grandiose statements like, “It evolved that way” is so much more convenient.

As anyone who has ever had difficulty with conception can tell you, the highly complicated, perfectly harmonious act of reproduction can become fatally flawed if even one tiny step in the process is damaged or somehow delayed. So, during the evolution process, how did it magically survive?

Pardon the vulgarities, but obviously, a penis without semen, without testicles, without a delivery system, is perfectly worthless. It would survive exactly one generation. Ditto for a vagina minus a womb, ovaries, etc. The “answer” that through random mutations over eons of time makes it sound plausible, but in truth, without perfect harmony in every step from the very beginning, reproduction dies a total death.

So, my pro-evolution friends, here is the challenge. Please detail for me the “missing links” in human sexuality. The D, the F, the T. Explain how such highly developed organs and systems came to be; what purpose they served along the way; and how they somehow were used in such a way as to ensure “survival of the fittest.”

Let the debate begin.

Ira Hansen is a lifelong resident of Sparks, owner of Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing and his radio talk show can be heard Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. on 99.1 FM.
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