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Pet Jam 2011 this weekend
by Tribune Staff
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VIRGINIA CITY — Just as Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny formed a winning box office team in "Space Jam," the competition will be hot and hilarious for Pet Jam on the Comstock this weekend.

A Pet Jamboree has been added to the annual Virginia City Pet Parade.

The Pet Jam will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Silverland Arena, directly behind the Silverland Inn & Suites, the same area used for the annual Virginia City Camel Races.

Pet Jam events will include a 4-H exotic rabbit show, equestrian demonstrations, burro coon jumping, flyball, toss 'n' fetch, sheep instinct testing and "Games for Your Dog" conducted by the 4-H Guide Club.

"Because there will be no Nevada State Fair this year, we've included the annual Wiener Dog Races along with a new class for terriers," event organizer Tom Nordness said.

"It will be a fundraiser for rural Boy Scout troops," he added.

Vendor booths at the event are still available.

Dave Kemppainen will conduct classes in Native American drumming and drum circles.

The Sierra Safari Zoo will bring some newborns and eventgoers will be able to adopt pets from the Nevada SPCA and other animal rescue organizations.

Pet Jam inquiries should be directed to Nordness at 338-8961, e-mail

"Don't forget that we are pet friendly, so bring your pet," Nordness said.

The Pet Parade begins forming on Main Street at 9 a.m. and starts at 10 a.m. Saturday. The deadline for early registration is 4 p.m. on Friday. Late entries are welcome but early registration is encouraged.

For signups and additional information for the parade, contact Karen Woodmansee at 847-4768, or by e-mail at Entry forms are available at Parade fees are by donation.


Pet Jam Frequently Asked Questions

The Comstock invented the Camel Races out of whole cloth, or perhaps a whole bottle of JD. Nothing's changed in lo, these many years.

Once again in the forefront of economic development, Virginia City is developing new sports to fill in just in case of NFL and NBA strikes and lockouts.

1. Q: Is Mark Twain turning over in his grave because a critter event is being held on the Comstock without any jumping frogs?

A: That's why we added Burro Coon Jumping.

2. What in tarnation is that?

A: It's hard to explain. You'll just have to come up and witness it for yourself. Tip: If you're betting, take the raccoon and the under. But don't tell the state gaming commission.

3. Q: How can you tell an exotic rabbit from the garden variety, save for the fact that you don't usually find exotic rabbits at your neighborhood meat market?

A: Once again, show up and we'll show you, but keep in mind that the rules of the Exotic Rabbit Show are quite rigid. All rabbits must be fully dressed to participate. No pole dancing is allowed and fluffy bunny tails must be combed out due to trademark infringement concerns raised by Hugh Hefner's lawyers.

4. Q: What is Flyball?

A: If your pet is good at catching these, the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants currently need all the help they can get.

5. Q: What are the Comstock denizens doing to stir up interest in the venerable Wiener dog and new Terrier races?

A: We're making it a matter of honor because dogs are critical to national security. Since all possible Wiener jokes have already been done, we will concentrate on the War or Terrierism.

6. Q: What kind of games for my dog will be demonstrated?

A: Patriot games, of course. (But no Patriot Missiles or Patriot Acts.)

7. Q: Is the Sierra Safari Zoo bringing any critters that might eat smaller ones?

A: Probably not, but that's show biz. You pays your money and takes your chances. Seeing new Sierra Safari Zoo babies should be looked at as insurance: You get to meet them before they figure out that you are meat.

8. Q. What's the Toss 'n' Fetch?

A: Frisbees and cookies, anyone? Got milk?

9: Q: Does any bar on the VC boardwalk serve milk?

A. Don't ask.

10. Q: How do they conduct Sheep Instinct Testing?

A: Can the critter tell the difference between shearing season and lamb chop time?

11. Q: Since we'll have hot-and-cold-running critters, has anyone thought to invite David Letterman as one of the judges?

A: We tried. He said he'd do it if we expand the event to include stupid people tricks.
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