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Know when it’s too much
by Larry Wilson
Jan 03, 2011 | 631 views | 0 0 comments | 5 5 recommendations | email to a friend | print
A week ago the National Football League decided to postpone the Sunday night football game until Tuesday because of the heavy snowfall the Philadelphia area had experienced. Pennsylvania’s governor chided the powers that be in deciding to postpone the game as being a bunch of “wusses.” He asserted that “real men” could, and in fact should, play in any weather condition.

Every football game is overflowing with enough testosterone to float many a battleship, but I think that given the weather and the condition of the roads leading to the stadium the decision to postpone the game was a prudent one. There could have been many accidents coming to and going from the stadium, not to mention that the crowd probably wouldn’t have as much desire to subject themselves to the cold as the overpaid, macho NFL players.

If the weather had resulted in less-than-stellar attendance, the profits from the game would have plummeted along with the thermometer. You can’t pay the no-neck players their big wages if there is no money in the kitty to do so. Even with the delay, people had to shovel tons of snow from the stadium to make it presentable to both fans and players. With a more usable stadium, more fans would attend to spend more on refreshments during the game.

I think the governor’s comments regarding the wusses are an indication of a more desperate problem our people need to address in this new year. As a society, we have fallen victim to doing everything because we are supposed to be able to do it whether or not it is feasible or even a good idea. We have shied away from calling a spade a spade even if it is the truth.

As a people, somehow we have determined that everyone should have a college degree or a high school diploma. We don’t take into account that not everyone is capable of achieving these goals. We have literally dumbed down the process to achieve these goals to the point where it has cheapened the achievement.

I am the first one to say that no one should disqualify themselves in the pursuit of a dream or goal, but at some point reality needs to kick in and people might have to adjust to pursuing plan B instead of plan A. It is wrong to let a person, any person, go along through life believing they will achieve plan A when in reality they might only have the tools to achieve plan B or maybe even plan C.

In the ancient story of Pandora’s Box, after Pandora opened the box everything but Hope escaped. In remaining trapped, Hope was left for the human race to have something to hold onto while muddling through its existence on Earth. Reality also had to be at play in mankind’s future as well.

Our people need to learn that they might have to, at some point in life, face the reality that they might not be able to achieve everything they dream — even in the face of being called a “wuss.” Each person has to have the ability to reach this realization on their own without society meting out this seemingly cruel determination. In doing this, people will be able to have a more assertive control of their destiny and society will be stronger as a result.

I would rather see a strong determined society that is self-assured as to its prospects than a society that lives on with a false belief in its ability to achieve because no one has the gumption to point out that the goal is just not in the cards for them. People need to live by the line, “To thy own self be true” and know exactly when life has snowed them in.

Larry Wilson is a 50-year resident of Sparks and a retired elementary school teacher. You can contact him at
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