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Letter to the editor
Jan 02, 2011 | 613 views | 0 0 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Dear Editor,

The economic and quality of life degradation in this county is a result primarily of a drug-induced type bringing of new density increases and subsidized sprawl type growth, that did not pay its own way, engaged in for well over a decade by all three political subdivisions in this county. Elected officials have been engaged in an economic and social rape, pillaging and pilfering of this county and its citizens for years. All to feed their temporary euphoric false sense of accomplishment and to maintain and stroke their own egos and for the windfall benefit of a few special interest groups, but in total defiance of the will and wisdom of the people, the populous, the citizens that they forced to subsidize this unwanted irrational destructive sprawl growth through increased taxes and diminished services.

Elected and appointed officials’ actions have been an outrage to social justice, fairness and any sense of ethical, moral or rational behavior. Their constant unrelenting accommodations for developers and special interests to provide high profits on subsidized cheap housing and developments to draw new residents to an already over-extended community created growth way beyond what any normal or natural market forces would have provided.

They set up one of the greatest housing market and value collapses in the nation. We have the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the nation. We have an embarrassing refugee camp known as tent city plaguing our downtown community. Many other unemployed are now sleeping in doorways or on the river.

I and many others warned them of their and our fates brought about by their hands. Now we all sit in a social and economic cesspool. Their legacies are cast; they will be forever tossed on the ash heap of history.

They tried. They failed. Miserably.

The elections are over for another two years and “we the people” failed to replace even one incumbent elected official in the county or the two cities. Maybe it was intended to punish them for their sins. Maybe there is some justice in that those who caused all these problems have to continue to sit in the stockades of public display while they squirm and squiggle and try to deal with the unthinkable social and economic disasters they created. Most will be leaving soon because of term limits in two and four years. Maybe by then this community will have hit the bottom and be ready for a long climb out and we will have new leadership that will work with the people in a sane and rational manner to restore our quality of life and economic stability. Next time you vote, follow the money.

When will we ever learn, when … will we … ever … learn.

Gary Schmidt

Gerlach, former member of Washoe County Board of Equalization
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