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New freeway brings safer, quicker commute
I-580 grand opening sees Gov. Sandoval cross the bridge
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Nevada Supreme Court upholds Biela death penalty
Justices rejected arguments by Biela’s attorneys that ruling was motivated by media created passion
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Martinez emphasizes ‘family culture’ at Lois Allen
New superintendent of Washoe County schools to meet with community during first 90 days in office
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Breaking down the 3 health reforms that took effect Wednesday
Several key dates are looming as the Affordable Care Act continues its steady transition from legislation to law. There’s Jan. 1, when 10 major provisions are slated to go live. Or Nov. 6 — Election Day — when the ACA’s fate may be decided yet again. Aug. 1, 2012, probably wasn’t circled on many calendars, but a pair of key reforms — a new set of preventive care measures for women and new insurance company rebates — went into effect. Oregon al...
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Law enforcement heads promote home visits to prevent child a...
Sheriff, Reno chiefs release report detailing frequency of crimes against kids
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Stolen tombstone returned after more than 30 years
Marker was for two brothers, ages 14 and 9, who died while driving cattle in snow
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UNR team digs up site of hospital from the 1870s
Researchers hope to ‘help find a story’ in excavation of site
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Artists create mural honoring veterans
Artisans donated work to local house that provides lodgings to families of patients
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