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Thumbs up thumbs down
by Tribune Staff
Jul 31, 2010 | 704 views | 0 0 comments | 4 4 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Thumbs up to Sparks City Councilman Ron Schmitt for wanting assurance that all sales tax revenue gained by the proposed ballot question for additional police would be used for that purpose and not to stuff the general fund.

Thumbs up to the entire Sparks City Council for having the nerve to tell the federal government they want grant money to hire additional firefighters without the strings of no firefighter layoffs for two years. It’s a gutsy move, kind of like one of the Seven Dwarfs kicking Goliath in the shins.

Thumbs down to the federal Race to the Top funding people for denying Nevada much-needed money to improve its schools. With the Silver State dead last in just about every educational category, we could use all the help we can get.

Thumbs up to Artown for giving northern Nevada another wonderful month of performing arts to enjoy in the beautiful weather.

Thumbs down to all the people who seem to be getting caught lately driving under the influence, especially those who do it with children in the car.

Thumbs up to the Sparks Fire Department for putting out three fires at the abandoned house on A Street. Those fires could have done untold damage if not for their efforts.

Thumbs down to whoever keeps using the house as their personal fire pit. Homeless people obviously have hit upon hard times, but such carelessness could cost people their lives.

Thumbs up to Sparks City Clerk Linda Patterson for her efforts to help a decimated code enforcement department beautify the town.

Thumbs down to whoever is charge of traffic signal timing for streets crossing Pyramid Way. It’s not unusual sit at a red light on Prater Way to cross Pyramid (and also at Greenbrae) for what seems like an eternity and then have the light green only long enough for four vehicles to pass.

Thumbs down to the city for spending $44,000 on a new website at this point in time. The business hired will undoubtedly do a great job, but in a city with a strapped budget does it send a good message to the citizens to have the equivalent of a year’s salary go to that? That project could have waited.

Thumbs down to Hot August Nights for kicking off Friday ... in South Lake Tahoe.

Thumbs up to Hot August Nights for starting today ... in the Truckee Meadows.

Thumbs up to the students and staff at Sparks High School for restoring the “Brick House” mural. Their school pride is surely indicative of their future contributions to their community and world.

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Thumbs up thumbs down by Tribune Staff

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