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Scandals reach critical mass
by Harry Spencer
May 20, 2013 | 2555 views | 3 3 comments | 8 8 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Certainly last week was the worst period in the short second-term Obama administration. The long-running Benghazi scandal was surpassed by two new revelations. One concerned the DOJ confiscating the phone records of the Associated Press. The other was the IRS mishandling of conservative groups’ requests for tax-exempt status.

As usual a flustered President Obama said he was unaware of the two matters and had only learned about them through the press. Further revelations later in the week determined that the misfeasances had occurred many months in the past. Some of the requests for non-profit status have lingered within the halls of the IRS for two to three years.

Feigning swift executive action the President requested the resignation of the Acting Head of the IRS. In actuality that individual’s term was set to expire automatically in a few weeks. When called before Congress the ousted Acting Head of the IRS was quoted as dismissing the event by stating that his agency had provided “poor customer service”. When pressed for names of the persons that had authorized the debacle, he adopted the patented excuse prevalent in Washington of “I don’t remember”.

On the other matter involving the Department of Justice and the AP phone records, the beleaguered Attorney General, Eric Holder, was quick to say that he had recused himself from the matter and that it ended up in the hands of a subordinate. This was par for the course for the AG who was protected by a Presidential Executive Order regarding his testimony on the “Fast and Furious” scandal. One of the results of that imbroglio was that Holder was held in contempt of Congress, the first AG in history to be so treated.

Flames from the Benghazi situation were once again fanned when the White House released emails that showed that twelve versions of the famous “talking points” had been produced between the intelligence community, the State Department and some nebulous figures in the White House. The original “talking points” which were drafted by the CIA right after the diplomatic installation had been destroyed, stated unequivocally that it was a terrorist attack. The sanitized version that was given to UN Ambassador Susan Rice to take to the Sunday talk shows was about one-third of the original. Added to the packet of lies that she was handed was the fictional story of the anti-Muslim video. The recently released emails also showed that State Department former spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, played a major role in redacting the original reports. She was quoted as saying, “My building does not like the report.” Obviously she was referring to upper management in place at the State Department at that time. Traditionally the spokesperson of a department reports only to the head of that department when it comes to purveying information to the public. This would seem to indicate that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was that person. This seems to contradict Secretary Clinton’s former assertions that she knew nothing about the fictional story and the massive changes in the emails.

Harry Spencer is a long-time northern Nevada resident.
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May 26, 2013
Note on the AP phone record scandal. It has increased to include editor/reporter on Fox (and his parents) and reporters at the NYT. On the Fox issue, E. Holder personally signed the request months ago aserting that the reporter was a criminal suspect, ergo, he LIED to the Congressional committee a few weeks ago, a felony.
May 21, 2013
Fox news has me so confused. They keep talking about scandals and why President Obama is so bad for our country. I keep waiting for some facts so I can gin up some outrage, like Harry. But to no avail. Nothing. Just pointless accusations and hysterics. Kind of reminds me of an elementary school playground.

Why can't President Obama's critics be more clear in their facts? I'm supposed to get my blood pressure up over "talking points". Seems like a waste of time.

It is not like he is a president that ordered the burglary of the Democratic Headquarters and then paid off criminals for their silence. Or how about that Iran/Contra thing. Paying terrorists off with guns. That was worth getting excited about. And who could forget spending a trillion dollars and wasting thousands of American lives on a bogus search for "WMDs".

Who could forget? Harry sure can.

Remember, no one died in Whitewater.
Harry Spencer
May 23, 2013
Note to the NV Condor: We have never attempted to apologize for the misdeads of previous administrations. What we have done is to comment on the misfeasance of the current admistration. Remember nobody died at Watergate.
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