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Saves the Day saves the show
by Tony Contini
Apr 09, 2008 | 1170 views | 0 0 comments | 20 20 recommendations | email to a friend | print
<a href=>Tribune/Tony Contini</a> Saves the Day lead singer Chris Conley screams "Bye Bye Baby" to the crowd.
Tribune/Tony Contini Saves the Day lead singer Chris Conley screams "Bye Bye Baby" to the crowd.
<a href=>Tribune/Tony Contini</a> Anthony DiIonno rocks the bass during Armor For Sleep's set at Bamboozle.
Tribune/Tony Contini Anthony DiIonno rocks the bass during Armor For Sleep's set at Bamboozle.
With one no-show and two disappointing performances, the Bamboozle Roadshow’s stop in Sparks on Thursday provided a bumpy ride with ups and downs but ultimately left fans feeling content.

A small but rowdy crowd helped salvage the situation. The first band, A Cursive Memory, took the stage at the stroke of seven.

At first glance the band members looked like other squeaking high school students trying to pull off a rock band gig, but that assumption turned out to be incorrect.

The two guitarists were the front men of the group. A drummer with a larger than life persona and a seemingly fake mustache was placed in the back and a bassist/pianist completed the four-piece band.

These four kids from Southern California amazed the crowd with a very mature, dare it be said veteran sound. A Cursive Memory’s sound and fun attitude was surely missed once the next band tried to keep the energy alive.

Metro Station is the definition of an emo band that treads into creepy territory. The lead singer was wearing his purple shirt and sunglasses at night to make sure that the 14-year-old audience members knew that he was cool.

The other band members kept up with the lead with their effeminate attire and what sounded like a contest to see who could say the most swear words — all things that set a 13-year-old's mind afire.

The eye-catching tall, lanky, pasty and tattooed "guitarist" to stage right obviously had some sort of an impression on the young girls but the teens with some intelligence looked at him in disgust.

Their lyrics were cheesy and cliche with childish innuendoes about sex. In between songs and constant tunings of his cheap K-Mart instrument, the crowd could hear the lame guitar playing of Trace Cyrus.

A plus for the crowd is that it could only have gone up from there.

Armor for Sleep saved face for Bamboozle, but was obviously not of caliber to be the headliner. It seemed like there set was some kind of long daydream while waiting for Saves The Day to take over. Armor for Sleep played recognizable hits off its new album, "Smile For Them," and finished with the popular "Car Underwater"

Anxious fans started yelling "Chris the Day!" to help get Saves The Day on the stage quicker. And when the band finally appeared it was worth the broken vocal chords.

The band played many songs from its newer releases "Under the Boards" and "Sound the Alarm" such as "Bye Bye Baby" and "Disease." Long-time fans were happy when they took a break from the new and went into the ballad "Banned From the Back Porch."

Though the crowd seemed content with newer songs, everyone was wondering the same thing: What was this seemingly new kind of Saves the Day? Did the band forget about the albums "In Reverie" and "Stay What You Are," which are fan favorites?

Just in time to answer the question, lead singer Chris Conley gave his very sincere thanks to the fans and started playing their supposed last song, "Let’s Call It Off" from "In Reverie.”

Then the band members disappeared. If this was to be the end of the show many fans would have sulked during their unhappy rides home.

But Saves The Day came back after loud chants and played "Nightingale" and the mega hit "Your Funeral" for a deceased fan.

Then they disappeared, again.

On this last encore Conley entered the stage playing Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love."

After that flashback they played another oldie punk favorite "Through Being Cool." For the grande finale the band took a request from "Tim who is a fan that has been to the last six or so shows," Conley said. Super-fan Tim chose "Hold," which is usually acoustic, but sounded very cool and unique electric and with the full band.

Even after constant line-up changes and poor choices for opening bands, Saves the Day stills put on a killer show.

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