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Rail City Profile: To serve and protect
by Andrea Tyrell
Jul 31, 2013 | 2180 views | 1 1 comments | 28 28 recommendations | email to a friend | print
David Hults
David Hults
If you’re ever pulled over by Sparks police officer David Hults, don’t be afraid. He insists that he’s a nice guy.

Serving in the Sparks Police Department for the past 10 years, Hults has seen his fair share of danger and violence in the Rail City.

He moved to Sparks when he was 7, from northern California. After graduating from Reed High School, Hults worked in construction. Construction jobs were hard to come by at the time, so Hults joined the Douglas County Sheriff reserve. He rode in ride alongs and worked in the jail, working full-time as he put himself through the police academy. After leaving the academy, Hults began his career as a deputy sheriff in Mineral Country. He moved to the Washoe County Sheriff’s police office to work in the jail for four years and moved to Sparks shortly afterward.

Hults married his wife, Laura, 25 years ago. They have a son, who is in the army, and a daughter, who works as a deputy in Sparks. Working as a public servant is tradition in the Hults family as the Hults men served in regional branches; Hults’ father was a firefighter, and his grandfather was a motor cop with the Los Angeles Police Department.

“I thought about being both a fireman and a cop, but being a cop was more appealing than being a fireman, more appealing to my personality.”

Hults works in the Sparks PD as a motor officer in traffic enforcement and major accident investigation.

“Each day is different,” Hults said. “One day, I could just return a lost wallet, the next, I could investigate a homicide. Just as you think it’s going to be a boring day, something happens. Something always happens. It’s always a busy day.”

Sergeant Jeanmarie Walsh, Hults’ supervisor, hands him complaints and Hults is off to calm traffic, issue tickets, assess hit and runs and maintain his equipment’s upkeep.

“I love doing traffic. I don’t like seeing people hurt, but I love working accidents,” Hults said. “I have fun co-workers; we really understand each other and click.”

One of the perks of being a traffic officer is the motorcycle Hults rides daily — a 1200 BMW motorcycle. With every perk comes a pitfall; Hults hates wearing the 50 lbs. of gear — a gun, a baton, a tazer and a bullet-proof vest — as he rides his bike in the hot summer heat.

When off the job, Hults enjoys lifting weights and flying.

“I’ve had my pilot’s license for three years. There’s nothing like flying an airplane.”

He encourages youth looking to get into law enforcement to join the Explorer Program, where young people learn about careers serving the United States.

“If you want to become a police officer, you must graduate from high school,” Hults said. “You’ve got to stay out of trouble and away from drugs. People look up to you and you hold yourself up to a higher standard. You need to make decisions quickly. There is lots of on-the-job training; that training never stops.”

Hults has seen the crime and violence rate steadily grow in Sparks over the years and he insists that despite this statistic, Sparks is a fantastic place to live and work in. The people make living in Sparks memorable.

“I hate seeing the bad part of everyone’s every day life, and trying to help those who don’t want help, but then I get to meet people you only get to read about in the news.”

At the end of the day, Hults is happy knowing that he did the right thing and might have possibly saved someone’s life.

“It’s the best thing about being an officer,” said Hults. “It’s satisfying of knowing that you helped someone.”

David Hults’ Favorites

Favorite place to eat in Sparks: JJ Sushi

Favorite Sparks event: Rib Cook-Off

Favorite movie: Airplane

Favorite book: “Forever Flying” by Bob Hoover

Greatest piece of advice ever gotten: Never take your work home with you.

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Adam Henson
August 02, 2013
David Hults,

I have know him since we both started Hug High School in 10th grade (summer football practice), I have had the privilege to work, play and grow old with him, there is no finer MAN, FATHER or HUSBAND than him, I pray the Lord blesses him with many many more years of safe service to the city and our country. God Bless you David!!
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