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Guns for Sale
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-Remington 1187 Premier 12 GA Shotgun Screw in Chokes $500.00 -Ruger New Model Super BlackHawk .44mag $500.00 -Browning BPS Special 20. GA Shotgun Screw in chokes $550.00 -Weatherby Mark V Deluxe .300 WBY Caliber w/scope $1100.00 -Kimber Target Hunter Bolt Action .22 Caliber Rifle w/scop $1100.00 -Springfield Amory M1A1 .308 Caliber rifle stainless steel barrel $1500.00 -SKS Rifle .762x39 cal. folding stock ammunition & reloading dies $400.0 -Call Brad Mon-Fri 8-5 @ 775-322-6266 after 5 and on Weekends 775-359-6141