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Roy Frisch Findings Lecture

posted by Cynders123


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday, March 27


Mt. Rose Elementary School, 915 Lander Street, Reno, NV


Historic Reno Preservation Society and Dr. Michael E. Fischer are proud to present An Evening of Fresh, Frisch Findings! Follow Roy Frisch from boyhood to the night in Reno when he mysteriously disappeared. On March 22, 1934, now almost 80 years ago, he vanished and would never be seen again! What was his early life like? What careers did he follow? Why was he a likely kidnapping and murder victim? What conditions in 1934 Reno allowed his disappearance with no trace despite the presence and sustained efforts of numerous Bureau of Investigation agents? Take a trip through the many contemporary and later accounts along with the FBI website "Vault" to discover both the old and the new facts of the case, leaving you with a better understanding of why Roy Frisch was the man who never returned.  Historic Reno Preservation Society’s free winter programs offer an assortment of Reno historic topics.  All program events are on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm at Mt. Rose Elementary School, 915 Lander Street.  For more program information contact Jack Hursh at or call 747-4478 and leave a message.  More organization information can be found at or on Facebook.